December in pictures

The gorgeous streets of Salon de Provence, a long awaited visit to my parents in Provence.


Salon de Provence



Salon de Provence


Christmas was in UK this year, it was nice not to travel anywhere and have some time off to rest, be spend time with friends and family.


Sapin de Noel


Of course December means a lot of socialising, over indulging and indoor living – what a relief on New Year’s Day to wake-up to a gorgeous blue sky, I have loved January the first walking through the countryside with the people in my life.

New Year's Day


More fresh air was required before getting back into the full swings of January, we headed to the North and went on a great hiking starting from Edale going up to Kinder Scout, the day was slightly misty which added to the eery atmosphere…my obsession with photography caused me a bruise on the hip, wet trousers and a lot of laughter.  The kids started the walk slightly despondent but when they saw the climbing challenge ahead they soon led us to the top…


Edale Peak Dictrict




Kinder Scout



Kinder Scout Peak District




Kinder Scout Peak District


I look forward to the year ahead of us, I hope you do too.  Have a wonderful 2013 X


*Pictures taken with my D40 and iPhone 4.

The mushroom and photo hunt continues

For the last 8 weeks we have spent most of our week-end walks with our heads firmly stuck on the ground, hoping that we may just this time find he holy grail of all mushrooms:  cèpes also known as porcini.  We found  1.  Not quite enough as a side dish but plenty to remind us that they are there.

I once picked kilos of bolets and cèpes and remember drying them all around the house on radiators, in the airing cupboard. Once you have experienced the joy of finding them, preparing and eating them you ARE hooked and casual walks in the woods are never the same again.

While we haven’t really picked anything that substantial or exciting  this season, this autumnal obsession has given us the opportunity to discover our surrounding woods, Hertfordshire is full of them and we are really lucky to have access to them so easily.  So no mushroom joy but plenty of photo opportunities.