New Year New Food


Game Pearl Millet & Wild Mushroom Stew Recipe:



I wanted to start the new year here with yet again more food.  I am loving the challenge to incorporate seasonal and local products into our daily lives – stews and soups being my trump cards when it comes to warming up our hearts and ambience during  the winter months.  It’s simple, easy to make and never fails to deliver flavours.

Diced game meat 500gr

Wild mushrooms, if unavailable fresh dry cepes or porcini can be found in major supermarkets

Carrots 2

Pearl millet 200gr

Chicken stock


White wine



Peel all the veg, use a little bit of olive oil in a cast iron dish or oven proof dish.  Sautée the meat until golden add the onions, season the meat and add about 125ml of white wine.  Wait till the wine has evaporated and add the carrots.  Add the chicken stock and cover the meat, wait till it comes to the boil and remove the initial froth until white.  Add the millet and the dry mushrooms making sure that you have enough liquid in the pot, add a little bit of stock if needed. Cover and place in the oven at 160 degrees for 2-3hrs at least if not all afternoon.

I usually cook it at lunch time before I set off for a walk at the week-end and come back to a hearty and healthy meal.  I like to cook spinach on the side just to bring a bit more colours to the plate.


I am not sure of what is happening to the winter…the rosemary tree is flowering and last night we found a huge wasp trapped in the bathroom light…January really?


Happy New Year to you all xx