Review – Instantgram

I recently joined Instagram, the platform rich in vibrant images from all over the world has truly enhanced my digital photo experience.  I enjoy browsing  and  following feeds from creative minds based around cities that I have visited and loved or that I intend to explore one day.  Of course I have enjoyed uploading too, experiment with effects and photo opportunities.  It’s one thing to appreciate photos digitally but it is also nice and worth making the leap to a good old tactile medium.  Instantgram is a service that makes that transition smoothly.

Disclosure - for the purpose of this review, Instantgram have given me the opportunity to order the magnet package free of charge however my content and opinions are my own.


Based in Istanbul, I found the site clear, they offer a regular print service or a fridge magnet package.

The pricing is clear and there are no hidden charges or hefty shipping fees, in fact they ship all over the world free of charge.

The delivery was surprisingly fast, I ordered from the UK and received an email to confirm my order as well as an indication of delivery time between 10 and 21 days.  The order  took 5 days to arrive.



instantgram magnet


The packaging reflects the care and attention in the branding of and I was happy with the quality of the print.  I will certainly use them again based on this experience.



Instantgram Magnets



iRejuvenate Forest Secrets Skincare

We are currently working with Dr Barbara Olioso founder of Forest Secrets a range of natural cosmetic products made in UK.

To thank me for looking after her campaign Barbara kindly sent a bottle of iRejuvenate “The Cream Of Wonders”.

The cream ticks all the boxes, it’s 100% natural, light but hydrates the skin very quickly and has a distinctive pleasant scent.

It came beautifully packed with clear product information and list of ingredients.  The name is intriguing “Cream Of Wonders” does make one question its claims to encourage skin elasticity and to regenerate collagen.  I like the sound of it, I am reaching the dreaded 40 mark next year…in a few months in fact, this can only be good for me.

It is still early days to tell if my skin elasticity has changed, what I like about it is the fact that it does not leave any sticky or oily feel to the skin after application.  I have used the cream on my legs and it leaves them hydrated for days, I have also been using it on the neck and could not resist trying it on the face too as I love the scent so much.  As you can see from the pictures, the cream is very light with a runny feel to it the skin absorbs it well and you only need a small amount to cover larger areas.



* I initially thought that the lid had to be removed as per the picture above but Barbara pointed out that to open, the lid twists and it lifts at the same time so the cream comes out of the central hole when the bottle is squeezed, very simple and neatly designed.

iRejunevate can be purchased directly from the forestsecretsskincare website or if you are in the London it is available from the Urban Retreat at Harrods.


Tea Time


We have recently been working on a review campaign with Choi Time and the lovely bloggers from fuelmyblog.  I was very lucky to receive samples from Melissa.  I adore the ritual of tea and I was very happy to dig out my under used tea pot for the occasion.  There is something very special about drinking brewed tea as opposed to tea in regular tea bags.  This campaign has re-ignited my love for tea.

Tea shops are huge in France, even the smallest town has a tea shop with hundreds of varieties.  I was surprised to see the traditional attitude to tea my UK friends and family have over here and I actually stand out for drinking Lady Grey tea which is just so paradoxical.



Two weeks ago I went to a Japanese evening and decided to bring the beautiful Giant Flowering Tea Bulbs to have a little test on my friends.

It looked amazing and many of the girls were genuinely mesmerized by the unfolding flower – the taste went down very well, there is a subtle Jasmine aroma to it which give a fantastic fragrant tasting experience.

I also really loved the Damask Rose Tea Buds , a lovely caffeine free alternative.  There is a huge range of teas available from the site that I would advise to peruse.  The Choi Time range can also be found in Harrods and Selfridges.

You can follow Melissa and Choi Time on twitter and facebook.

Let me know what kind of tea you drink I want to carry out a little poll :-