La Pallice- La Rochelle

Last Sunday after a trip to get the all so important ration of vegs at the local market of La Pallice, we ventured out to La Rochelle’s harbour. I really like the place, during the week-end it feels like an empty theatre, a contrast with the week days where the place is packed with movements, hard labour, strange codes that are only understood by the workers. I learned since that the place is soon to be fenced up…I am already missing the walks…

La Rochelle ma belle…

I can’t believe it has been that long since my last posting, my blogging pattern has been troubled by  bouts of Macacute desease crippling my hard disk.

Mac is back but I am still in the process of gathering apps and files which seem to take over my computer time, it frustrates me most of the time and leave me in a need of real tangible offline experience.

These  pictures where taken last week-end on Place Verdun in la Rochelle.

I wish you all a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year!