I have been meaning to post about moving back to UK for the last few weeks but finding  that  the lack of  words and time to describe my emotions have made this post a thing of *tomorrow*. “Tomorrow I will find the correct words that will seal my emotions and voice the   tributes  that I have been meaning to give: places, people  all the things that have made my experience here in La Rochelle a rich and unforgettable one.

When I moved here with my half British family (well  I am 100 % frog ,2 are 50/50 and  one hubby a 100% roastbeef )  I had no idea how I would react but most importantly how the rest of my family would adapt to MY country.

I will forever remember the first day of school for Ananas and Bein Ouai. Ananas  was asked her date of birth but  was unable to reply to her French teacher and burst into tears…how much I blamed myself  afterwards for not teaching her all these years!

Ben Ouai’s  teacher  shocked by his script writing…we did practice didn’t we?!

But the boy and girl worked hard. Now they are teaching me French grammar…

I am a very proud maman which takes the pain of leaving my country  for the second time to a bearable level. I am loving the fact that we can all understand each others culture fully. Before we came to France I was the isolated one who made the leap to join the intricate labyrinth of being a family in England. I questioned, disapproved, embraced,  but more often claimed every bits of French that I could in my kids while living in UK . I wanted them to understand me, my parents, my beautiful country, the lovely BDs, the saucisson, French cinema, fountain pens, no school on Wednesdays, poesies, bavette aloyau, tintin, titeuf, bad music, I wanted them to experience what it was like for me.

I feel so close to them right now that there is no sadness to be had going back to UK where our working life belongs, where our family and friends are waiting too…