March in pictures…

Having entered the visual world of Instagram I have started looking at photography in a different way.  Composition is an interesting approach that I had not explored  before, I am having a great time combining my love of food with photography.  Cooking dinner takes a bit longer and I find myself forever distracted but it’s FUN.  I really enjoy turning the ordinary into something a bit less ordinary.


instagram photo


I did eventually peeled that onion…



Beautiful making of Paris-Brest my favorite cake, UK Mothers Day spent baking with number 1 daughter :-


Snapshot 2013-03-15 14-47-02


It looks like the hens are laying again…yeah!


Breakfast is fun



taking a lot of pictures with my iPhone at the moment, simply because it is always on hands and that the photo apps are so easy to use and have fun with.

I enjoy viewing my Instagram feeds and looking through the windows of Instagramers from Paris, Vermont and other amazing parts of the world.

Rituals such as morning breakfast can turn into casual photo compositions.

My favorite app of the moment is Snapseed.  I am still attached to my D40 and take him out on special occasions.











I have finally managed to cook and blog the pot-au-feu I mentioned in my earlier post.  This recipe is very close to my heart, it brings warmth and memories from the comfort of my childhood.  I struggle to find the exact meat requirements here in UK but I am lucky to have a great farm round the corner and found the much needed marrow bones that makes this meat stew so special.


Casserole dish the red one on the picture belongs to my grand-mother


Slow braising beef, oxtails, beef brisket, bone-in beef short ribs.


Onion stabbed  with a clove, 3 carrots, leeks, celery stalks, head of garlic,thyme, flat parsley and potatoes.


Rinse the meat and cover in cold water over medium heat.  When it starts to boil remove the foam add 1 carrot, 1 leek, the onion, thyme, celery and garlic head.  Cook for hours at low heat in the oven or on a hob.  When the meat falls off the bone remove it and set aside.  Discard all the vegetables from the broth and clear it using a sieve.  Add the meat and, carrots left, leek and potatoes to the broth and reheat until the potatoes are cooked.

For serving use a long oval dish and place the meat, vegetables and bone marrows in three neat sections.  I usually serve the potatoes in a different dish.

Make sure to have strong mustard available and some crusty toasted bread to enjoy the marrow.



Sunshine & Eggs

The sun has finally made an entrance through the sky and summer we have embraced you over the last few days, friends, family gathered, food, star gazing and of course many trips to see the hens.  Walking down to flowery paths to check on the chickens is a joy this time of the year.  The girls are enjoying their new environment and laying eggs they are.  I find them so beautiful that of course I had to get the camera….