Remembrance Day. In France today it is an official bank holiday – all the towns and cities are commemorating, remembering.

That generation fought alongside other countries and together with great losses they restored a  peace that was not to last.

Respect they deserve unconditionally.


A financial  crash followed by a rise in extremism all over Europe and we all know what happened next. The horror that followed is still to this day difficult to understand and deeply disturbing.

Peace came back, nations grieved again, healed their wounds and started rebuilding. Countries worked together, they shared a united vision and they laid foundations to ensure that peace could be sustained.

Those foundations are now slowly but seamlessly being undone.

The countries that shared the vision once are now looking inwardly.  They are building walls, they are pointing to the  minorities, homosexuals, women’s rights are being challenged.

We are all experiencing the repercussions of a great financial crisis and severe austerity measures have hit the poorest the hardest. This is what needs to be condemned.

There is a pattern in front of us.

It isn’t being unpatriotic to feel scared, concerned and passionate about the current events.

We cannot put our heads in the sand and hope that all will be fine. All isn’t going to be fine unless we all remain vigilant, keep informed from liberal independent sources, keep away from the tabloids. Stop sharing meaningless memes that do not feed knowledge, they feed anger and fear.

We cannot dismiss experts, statistics, basic human rights and decency. We cannot hand over  the reins to megalomaniacs who only care about power.

We cannot forget history and must learn from it. We owe it to those who lost their lives for freedom and peace and we owe it to our children.

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