Cambridge Half-Marathon 2014


This half- marathon came so quick I am struggling to believe that it’s all over.

What a glorious day it was, over 4500 participated to this event and it was a brilliant atmosphere throughout the race.

I started slower that anticipated and finished the race in 2:03…slightly less that the last one but not under two like I had hoped. ┬áMaybe I should have been more optimistic with my anticipated time when I enrolled as I was in the third pen down to the start and spent the first k trying to get in my usual pace.

It was unusually hot on Sunday which took everyone by surprise and most runners finished (or even started) with a very red face, as per the before and after picture…

I have also almost reached my target for Future Hope which is fantastic – if you want to donate my raising page will be open till the end of the month, thank you for everyone who has sponsored me so far X

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

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