Running and raising money for Future Hope

This year I am picking up my trainers again and have enrolled myself in the Cambridge Half Marathon. I took part in this race a couple of years ago and I thought that it would be a perfect excuse to get running this winter.


My chosen charity for this event is Future Hope, I wanted to select a charity that supports my local community and having two teenagers in the house Future Hope made perfect sense.

Future Hope is a free, confidential service working holistically with young people aged 11-19 (and sometimes older) across Hertford and Ware.

They work with vulnerable/at risk groups as well as schools and individuals on issues such as addictive behaviour, depression and other mental health issues.  I came across them personally when I attended a workshop on depression in teenagers at the school my children attend.  I was touched and impressed by the dedication of the team and realised that there were so little places for teens to turn to when faced with problems.


Our children are having to deal with the biggest challenges in our current landscape – pressure at school, bullying online and off, pressure to look in a certain way, loneliness,self-harming, body dysmorphia, you name it.  The stats are revealing that our teens are increasingly feeling anxious and depressed .

The reality is that they have little escape from it all, this is the generation  that fuels their anxieties via intravenous doses of Instagram and twitter feeds – they will learn to cope and adapt in this environment  but I think that charities such as Future Hope and Young Minds have their work cut out and deserve all the awareness ,exposure and funding they can get.

If you wish to help me raise money you can donate directly on my fundraising page. 

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