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I recently joined Instagram, the platform rich in vibrant images from all over the world has truly enhanced my digital photo experience.  I enjoy browsing  and  following feeds from creative minds based around cities that I have visited and loved or that I intend to explore one day.  Of course I have enjoyed uploading too, experiment with effects and photo opportunities.  It’s one thing to appreciate photos digitally but it is also nice and worth making the leap to a good old tactile medium.  Instantgram is a service that makes that transition smoothly.

Disclosure for the purpose of this review, Instantgram have given me the opportunity to order the magnet package free of charge however my content and opinions are my own.


Based in Istanbul, I found the site clear, they offer a regular print service or a fridge magnet package.

The pricing is clear and there are no hidden charges or hefty shipping fees, in fact they ship all over the world free of charge.

The delivery was surprisingly fast, I ordered from the UK and received an email to confirm my order as well as an indication of delivery time between 10 and 21 days.  The order  took 5 days to arrive.



instantgram magnet


The packaging reflects the care and attention in the branding of and I was happy with the quality of the print.  I will certainly use them again based on this experience.



Instantgram Magnets



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