Cambridge Half-Marathon – operation completed


Well that’s it, we have done it!  Completed in 1:53mn for him and 2:04 for moi.  It was a great event that Cambridge hosted brilliantly.  The atmosphere was really great, the course was compact so people were cheering pretty much all the way which made a great difference to the morale.

The day was unusually mild and I felt hot within 2 miles.  I should have brought my own drink, I should have worn shorts and not legging,  I should have worn a belt with a few energy tablets.  I have come to the conclusion that I cannot forecast and prepare adequately for a race.   I never know whether I will get too hot or too cold – whether I will need a lot of drinking during the run which is why I like to have a cyclist besides me when training …not such an option on a race.  I had to wait 3 miles before I could catch sight of my crowd and ditch my crazily hot windstopper.

The event was organised by One Step Beyond  and was pretty faultless.  The course was very safely mapped out with plenty of friendly marshalls throughout.  The last 2 and half miles were a “killer” mentally – we were made to run near the finishing line and away from it in an endless mind numbing straight line, facing runners completing their last mile.  One runner next to me even asked me in which direction the finishing line was as she could not believe we would have to go back on our steps…I thought she was going to cry and to be fair I wasn’t far off either.  I had aimed to run it in 2h00 with a hope to come just under, so I was a bit disappointed when I heard a runner behind me saying that 2 hours would have been good to her friend, I knew I had gone over in my last mile but gave it all I had left and ran through the finishing line timed at 2:04

My legs felt weak throughout the course which may be an indication of not enough training.  This got me thinking whether I would run for a marathon again this year, the commitment with training is so hard that I am not sure I would find the time or energy for it.  I still feel very pleased with our achievement and the money we have raised for the CMA so far.  I am planning to leave my fundraising page open for a while so if you want to sponsor us, there is still time. Thank you to everyone who supported and sponsored us so far, it really means a lot!





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