Week-end in Seville & Beetroot Soup

I was lucky to enjoy a long awaited girl’s week-end to Seville last week.

After a couple of hours flight, some sushi picked up from Yo-Sushi in Stansted and a couple of glass of  wine with birthday girl Helen we were ready to embrace Seville for 48 hours.

We left the domestic and work monotony behind and dived  in every parts of Seville where our feet and friend/guide  (also known as the Spanish Goddess) would take us.

Oh the taste, colours and  smells of Seville!  I can proudly say that in those 48 hours we walked and ate our way round Seville and it was so GOOD.




Walking through the paved streets of Barrio Santa Cruz at night was one of the many highlights.

We danced comically to Flamenco but admired those who breathed it, we were introduced to new friends who made us feel welcome and we felt so lucky to share time with Gab and catch a glimpse of her life in Seville.  I remember the many conversations that we both shared in the days when we both lived in UK, she described her food and city with so much passion and respect that it felt just right to experience the real thing with her.





Bodega Pepe Giron is a restaurant located in a village  just outside Seville where we discovered Mosto a seasonal fresh cloudy white wine only available this time of the year.  We also enjoyed the best authentic tapas with very earthy strong flavours coming in the form of stews.


*Garbanzos Bacalao Chickpeas stew




I came back with renewed energy and inspiration.


Full set of pictures on Seville can be seen on my  flickr page


On those colourful notes I will leave you with my  Beetroot and French mustard soup inspired by Leon



3 to 4  small beetroots – lemon juice – garlic – ginger – a quarter of a swede – french mustard or horseradish


How to prepare:

Peel all the veg, cut in small cubes and softly golden fry all ingredients in a bit of olive oil, add stock of your choice, the quantity will vary depending on how thick you wish your soup to be – blitz the pan content when the vegetables are cooked and add the juice of half a lemon.

 How to serve:

You can add a bit of creme fraiche to serve or a few leaves of coriander to garnish. Voila…




    • thank you, very lucky indeed it’s one of the positive aspects to live in South East UK.

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