The NICE In November

November has delivered some special colours, leaves are giving way to berries and no matter how many times I have walked down that road, it always feels special and healing…

I took along the Duaflex, love the glass effect although I find that my Nikon D40 is struggling to focus and have to settle for manual which 9 times out of 10 turns out shaky…


  1. I love, love, love the ‘berries’ photo (second from last). It’s perfect. The curled leaf, the bokeh light effects and the color of the berries against the leaf. It’s all just perfect. <3

    • Thank you Fracas for your visit, I am glad you liked the berries, you know what they say, lots of berries mean sharp winter…where you are I guess there is not such thing as a mild one x

  2. This is what I imagining when I capture similar berries shoots and leaves… I just can’t quite get ther yet!! My cell phone is out of focus too 😉

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