caillou ou bijou?


Caramel – سكر بنات

Caramel – سكر بنات

caillou ou bijou?

Fluffy in Hertford

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  1. Daddy Papersurfer

    I always look for stones with holes in when beach combing. I get into trouble with the TG when I proudly present her with one ……. she can be very cruel.

    The photos of the broken marine ply and the rust seeping through layers and layers of paint take me right back to my childhood and visits to my grandfather who lived on the beach at Pevensey …… did my parents when my Dad retired ……

  2. admin

    I am obsessed with stones! Glad these pics took you back in time – there are a lot of places with a very old “vintage” feel about them especially on the coast.

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