Painting Trousse Chemise – Ile de Ré

In one of our excursions onto the numerous cycle paths of the Ile de Ré island I took a series of pictures …time to put it down on canvas me think…

Des photos des photos toujours des photos…la peinture c’est bien aussi…Trousse Chemise vu de Loix sur la piste cyclable…et moi toujours à la bourre avec mon appareil evidemment…



  1. I can’t remember if I mentioned my birthday. However there will be a reminder on my last post for some time, next Tuesday. I have also arranged for the neighbours to receive parcels in my absence …… you know, things like paintings, whisky, yachts ….. those sort of things …

    [really pleased and delighted you’re finding time to paint young Froglet – your ability to handle colour is VERY annoying]

  2. The way the earth meets the sky with the water seperating the two, but not.

    Caught between emotions. Admiration and jealousy. I’ll settle for admiration. (giggle snort – the blues are deep, lady)

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