Best bike ride on the ile de Ré


Today we jumped on the bus velo that took us from place Verdun in La Rochelle to the other side of the ile de Ré bridge…this bus allows bicycles on board for the price of a regular bus fare, the beauty of this service is that it allows us to cycle across the island reasonably fresh. We cycled a total of 53kms on flat cycle paths all across lady Ré (sun). It is the best way to appreciate the full beauty and surprises this island has to offer. Most of the tourists have left and it almost feels as if we reclaimed a bit of ownership by cycling along the wild life, the shaded and ondulated pine trees. Green, space, blues and sea spray floating in the air…summer is not over yet

DSC_0660 . 29 Aug 2009 ile de re




  1. Loverly ……. and you’re too shabby yourself …… tee hee.

    Looks good cycling country as it’s flatish. I cycled when we lived at the Marina – when the temperature was just right, not too hot and not too cold and there was no wind …… I must have gone out at least twice in two years. It’s far too hilly where we live now …..

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