Madame La Rochelle

les toits de La Rochelle

La Rochelle wore it’s glorious jewelery last night, best skyline, warm light – perfect outfit to celebrate Bastille Day…as I made my way towards the festivities and animations down the old port I enjoyed the calm and tranquility of the deserted upper center part of town, place de Verdun. The empty arches, quaint buildings with disjointed shutters…La Rochelle never fails to suprise me with its unsophisticated and bold beauty.





  1. I love skylines. We had a flat in Hastings a few years ago and the view across the chimney pots, dormer windows and aerials towards the sea was fantastic. It was a basement flat BTW, but perched on the side of yet another cliff!!!

  2. hehehe

    I wanna be a Rochelle gargoyle!

    They should do a True Crime game mod including your city, it’d be really beautiful.

  3. Thanks Kendall

    DP: strange obsession with cliffs…I wonder what it means???
    John: true…plenty more cities with mystery in France…very good idea, tell me what you need to get it started, it will go viral on Twitter!!!

    • Can I stay in your and Kevin’s attic until I can find a respectable cathedral to haunt there? It really wouldn’t be ‘goth’ for a gargoyle to be sittin’ on a curb waiting for a cathedral to come open now, would it?

  4. Magnifiques photos Miss D. !!!
    Tu trouveras une petite dédicace sur mon blog…
    C’est un petit jeu qui circule en ce moment sur la blogosphère… Tu peux récupérer le logo et faire de même !
    des bizzz

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