1. I like lichen a lot ….. that’s reminded me that I keep meaning to take some piccies round here ……. can you send me a reminder please – thanks

  2. DP thank you for pointing the feedreader issue – all these little things that we need to check when we move domain…yes DP I have great ambitions and *dreams* one day I shall hold an exhibition in your shed…or car park..will see!

  3. Might be worth subscribing to the email bulletin from http://www.artwatchnews.co.uk/ – it’s quite lively round these ‘ere parts. Our friend from Slovenia got his stuff into a few galleries/shops on his visit. We’re keeping an eye on things for him …. only too happy to do the same for you ….

    • thanks DP I had a quick look, I was under the impression that it was dedicated to local artists? Let me know how your friend is getting on, do you have links to his work?

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