Back to the roots in Belleville

I walked down the streets I used to walk everyday to go to school – Read “Il faut se mefier des mots” on the familiar building thinking – how many times before had I walked by these words and read them out loud in my head as a teenager? They made sense then, they make sense now, nothing has changed.
Stopped for lunch in Lao Siam for the usual coco rice noodles, boeuf séché and salads…nothing has changed.

Nothing lasts, there are no certainties, we grow to accept that but it is so refreshing when little details remain unchanged.

This picture below is a view of Belleville in 1740…Paris looked like a village then and Belleville pure countryside!

It can be seen in Musée Carnavalet.


  1. It wasn’t that along ago you were a school girl ……. was it?

    Belleville was annexed by the City of Paris in 1860 so it really must have expanded quickly soon after that painting …… cities are very greedy entities aren’t they?

  2. Alors ? Ca avait l’air bien sympa ce petit week-end à Paris… et sous le soleil ! Et tes petits restos… miam 😉
    Ca fait toujours du bien de retrouver des lieux familiers…

  3. DP: it was yesterday – I cram too much in a day you see…
    impressed by your knowledge on Belleville DP…tell me have you been yet?

    Kathia: un super week-end effectivement – tout etait au rdv 🙂

  4. Ah, Paris. You are lucky to have grown up there, very beautiful. Do you get back often?

  5. I have the power of Wikipedia at my disposal …… I have been to Paris though – I was ill most of the time ….. coincidence? I think not ….. tee hee

  6. A: not that often, should make a point of going more.
    DP: no need to reveal our sources – we would have never known…you obviously ate in all the wrong places…if only you had known me then 🙂

  7. I’ve just done some maths ……. and I don’t think you were even born. You might have been a look of apprehension in your mother’s eyes though – tee hee

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