Parc Frank Delmas

Parc Frank Delmas is my favorite parc in La Rochelle. Spreading endlessly in a chaotic order of smells and unusual plantations this month is THE TIME when it is at its best. Every piece of chlorophyll is claiming its status and once again I have thrown myself in its deep overgrown grass, let the bugs tickle my ears, listened to the harmonious birds and totally let my thoughts float away in the the uplifting haze of the moment.

Lauren Haupt

Lauren Haupt

Parc Frank Delmas

Trousse Chemise – Ile De Ré

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  1. Daddy Papersurfer

    I love cut lawns interspersed with wild meadows – very sculptural. What’s that plant? …. oh, I suppose it’s no use asking you is it …… I’ll have to show it to the TG ……..

  2. sylvied

    ahah!!! trés sympa ton petit film – désolée d’avoir loupé sa projection plein air! J’ai essayé de le publier sur mon blog mais tu n’authorises pas!?

  3. sylvied

    ok je comprends – je pensais que ce film te servait de trampoling pour diffuser *ta marque* – as-tu contacté

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