1. You see things with an incredible perception of possibilities, Sylvie.

    Can I have your permission to use this one image in some future post?

  2. @kathia: c’est vrai chez nous c’est telle fille tel père et l’inverse 😉
    merci d’avoir sauvé mon fiston du désespoir xx
    @DP: actually I would have thought the reverse would apply 🙂
    @John: do whatever you like John 😉

  3. Don’t say that to John for goodness sake – heaven only knows what’ll happen now ……. tee hee ……. and I’m still trying work out exactly what you mean …….. hmmmmmmmm

  4. wow Sylvie that is very interesting indeed … great image but you are far more beautiful than the knackered mirror makes out… hence the image is interesting !! 😉

  5. Belinha and 70: thanks girls I like to tackle portraits with a different approach – yess I may try moisturizing why not DP…anything to keep you boys entertained 😉

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