1. not sure what I enjoyed more – the gigantic doll or watching the people directing it through the town – they were just as graceful. Love it!

  2. La marionnette géante est superbe ! Avons raté ce grand moment festif… en plus, avec Batala comme Banda…

  3. the giant spider ‘La Princess’ that visited Liverpool last year came from France… you sure know your stuff over there… great photos 🙂

  4. Kathia: Les traînes savates etaient délirants et leur musique vraiment géniale, à ne pas louper la prochaine fois!
    70: I know I think it is a company based in Nantes a 2 hrs drive from here, there is an elephant taking residence there which I am planning to visit soon 😉
    DP: Have we? you should come and play with us one day!

  5. This second photo shows awesome puppet!We have a Carnival at Figueira but I never go.People here keep thinking that a Carnival must look like the one in Brasil.We have some Carnival with traditioon where they make big sculptures in papier mache -politics and celebs are the target!:)

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