Carnival time…

Carnival did not disappoint this year in la Rochelle with as always some great costumes – music was really cool too thanks to  “Les Traînes Savates” and “Batala” a great way to spend Saturday afternoon. Pictures are a credit to kevinD who really got engrossed into it.

Check it out

Check it out

Carnival time…


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  1. sylvied

    Kathia: Les traînes savates etaient délirants et leur musique vraiment géniale, à ne pas louper la prochaine fois!
    70: I know I think it is a company based in Nantes a 2 hrs drive from here, there is an elephant taking residence there which I am planning to visit soon 😉
    DP: Have we? you should come and play with us one day!

  2. belinha

    This second photo shows awesome puppet!We have a Carnival at Figueira but I never go.People here keep thinking that a Carnival must look like the one in Brasil.We have some Carnival with traditioon where they make big sculptures in papier mache -politics and celebs are the target!:)

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