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So I have been dreading this next post – of course I had to move on from the previous posts which was always going to be an issue.

I am not really ready to move on – glad to have a bit of my uncle in here…I know sometime he would wander in here (silently) and reclaim some shots that I had taken…I want to hang on to whatever is left of him.ย  I want to share it with the ones who knew him and loved him the way I did…

Still a few day ago I received a package – It came from Potugal from a friend and it brought instant laughter in theย  house that was bathing in deep sadness at the time – like a little bubble of fresh air and happiness, a little bracket that reminded me /us that life goes on and that no matter how sad we are we will smile again and nothing else has changed…

This little man inspired papelustro with The global Cookbook cover which she contributed to.ย  I was not expecting him to turn up on my front door ๐Ÿ™‚ We have called him Fernando.

Papelustro is a designer I have come across in the early days of Fuelmyblog – she has a very strong identity – each design has Papelustro written all over. As many artists she is having a tough time living of her skills and talent – I am too pleased to support her work here. I truly believe in her work and think the girl needs a break. You can buy her unique quirky cards here.


  1. I love Belinha’s work. I’ve threatened her with a visit when we manage to get out there again. Know her town very well as we lived there in our yacht *preen* for a few months. It’s the nearest beach from where Penfold and Tango live.

    It’s lovely how the smallest thing can cheer us up when we most need it.

    I hope Fernando enjoys his time with you and doesn’t get his knickers in a twist …….. time will tell – tee hee

  2. that could be traumatizing for her think very carefully before you go – give her plenty of notice too…tehe…,
    Belinha ‘s work needs to be picked up and quick!
    Fernando is the perfect guest ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey,is it true that today is yor birthaday?!!Not 1st April thing?!!!
    Happy Birthday!Hope you can find the time to cook a delicious aniversary cake and have Fernando to ring when it’s ready!!!I used to enjoy that on my birthaday.


  4. Oh Sylvie I am so sorry I missed your big day……. here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday hun from me .. big HUGZ for your significant day xxx

  5. No, you’re actually 40 and two days, right?

    “The Chin” doesn’t look a day over 25.

    I’d actually thought you were in your early 20s when you first started blogging with that avatar, you know.

  6. John: “Iโ€™d actually thought you were in your early 20s when you first started blogging with that avatar, you know.”
    I WAS!

    DP: have you been looking through my draws?

  7. So was that an older photo really of you younger back then? If so, I’m a pretty good judge of facial character, no?

  8. If you’re gonna correct her, DP, you might as well be specific and fill us all in if it was the polka dotted ones, striped, or solid colors.

    The chest of drawers is…uh…I’m realizing how this may be coming across through the translation, lol.

  9. DP oh yes of course you are right – draws did not sound right at the time now you mention it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Hello John how are you doing today? that pict was taken a bit over 2 years ago – I have a young looking chin – how lucky am I?

  10. No, you’re not lucky at all, Sylvie.

    You are gifted with beauty that is timeless as the wind, ageless as the land your feet trod upon…

    …these brownie points are redeemable later when I’m bad, right? :giggle snort:

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