1. How fantastic… so it was circa 1910 – 1910
    My grandfather was born in London 1884 and left there around 1910… so that is how he would have lived and dressed…
    That last bit of the video is looking down Fleet Street towards St Pauls (i think… I have an old painting which shows that same view )
    Thank you for this fabulous find 🙂

  2. Wow!!Amazing indeed! We had a fire in Tobis and many old film was lost in it.They were stored there…:-(…as they were the first to make movies…

  3. Brilliant! As a girl in the 70’s, we lived in a pub in Covent Garden. It was while the old market was still there and was hardly any different to the scenes on the film clip.

  4. DP: I will take another look…btw that’s the format you need to consider for your film 🙂
    70: It is amazing! Have you noticed how happy they look!?
    If you did the same video now we all look like zombie in comparison!
    Belinha: I would love to see more things like that, it is fascinating!
    Sara: Hi Sara, really? I will have to go and check again next time I am over.

  5. Life was physically hard those days but the simple things of life brought a BIG smile… paddling and promenading (love the ladies with their brollies to protect them from the suns rays)

    Also imagine what they thought about being caught on film… all so very new and exciting 🙂

  6. Amazing. It’s so easy to think of those days as grey and grim. Nobody smiled in the photo’s really back then, but this film brings the period alive. So much warmth in the faces.

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