1. tested my french to the limit… but yes growing teens test you too…. 15 going on 25 just now but with out the wit and wisdom .. bring back the terrible 2’s they were a dodddle 😉

  2. Kids are horrible until about 30 years old ……… and even then …… well, best not to talk about it too much, you could get discouraged……. soooooo, what I meant to say was – children are a constant delight from the day they are conceived ………… *hysterical laughter*

  3. 70: that film is a scary account of those stories you hear all the time about teenagers…had a really good conversation afterwards with my friend, there is actually nothing that can be done to avoid it and I will have to remember not to take anything personally….she is so lovely but the signs are certainly starting to shape up what we might be in for…:)

    DP: thanks for your view on parenthood…what was your strategy?…would love to hear it.

  4. Couldn’t understand a bloody word of it! It wasn’t in Widnesian.

    If its available in subtitles I will watch it 🙂

    @DP 🙁

  5. Claire: lol! hopefully they will make a translated or subtitled version…it would really hit home to all nations watching….

  6. yes I learned that it is not personal….. I do think my teen diaries have helped an awful lot… I was far worse then than my teen is now [but shusssh that is our secret:-) ]

  7. hahahahahah!

    yes, you can call me (I was the most terrible teenager…I will tell you what I wanted my parents to do..mostly of time it was: Oh! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! give a little space, would you?)

    Great film! and great girly night 🙂

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