Jet wash was fun for once…

Sunday creatures…

Sunday creatures…

Good bye J V

Good bye J V

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  1. Daddy Papersurfer

    EXACTLY!! – the boring and mundane can be fun and artistic and lovely. People have just got to open their eyes!!! Brilliant Sylvie [and bloody annoying that you’ve summed up everything so well and with such brevity – *sulk* – and a tee hee]

  2. 70steen

    love car washes .. me and teen have great fun particularly when I wind the window down mid wash to freak her out lol

    Jet washes do however need way hot weather 🙂

  3. sylvied

    DP: that’s the only way to be happy 🙂
    Dar: hey dar! thanks how are things?
    70: you do that?…hehe naughty 70!
    Olga: Thanks 😉

  4. b4by

    hey there sylvie… wowwww! havent been here for quite a while, and when i saw this photos… they are awesome!!!

    beautiful. colours are blend together. and most of all, as always, its so classy!!!

    somehow, you got the talent. and i am proud to say, you rocksss!!! 🙂

    way to go sylvie!! beautiful!!!!

  5. sylvied

    belinha: that ‘s a sign of a meaningful person 🙂
    b4by: good thanks, I hear you are moving in your new place soon…it must be very exciting, hope it all goes well x

  6. baby

    yes, yes!! 🙂

    i am going to be 27 this Wednesday (18/06), then i am off to tenerife for a week on Thursday (19/06) till Tuesday (24th), back to work on Thursday and got the key to the new home on the same Thursday!! Weee!!!

    i’ll post new pictures of the holidays, new home soon…!! 🙂

    thanks for the wish, by the way!!


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