La Rochelle International Film Festival

The festival is looming next month and every shop in town is displaying its poster with pride. Stanislas Bouvier (sorry no website available to link to) is the talented illustrator who is behind the beautiful poster year after year.

La Rochelle International Film Festival

a little corner of unspoilt French country side…

La Rochelle International Film Festival

Some monkeys and unexpected good weather!

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  1. shinade

    So sorry to report to you Sylvie that the weather here is lovely but very hot!!

    We are currently down close to Mexico and headed to California. Hey mabe I can catch up with Olga!!

    Love the poster. You French are always trendsetters!!

  2. sylvied

    Catalina, not surprised by that πŸ˜‰
    Shinade: I am very envious of your location! how exciting it must be to be on the road like that πŸ™‚

  3. belinha fernandes

    I love these posters!!!The city where I live had a film festival one of the oldest in Portugal.But it ended as the Festival Director died…I used to help there.I was a cineclubist at the time.It was Figueira da Foz International Film Festival.I still have some posters for souvenir and lots of catalogs.I really miss it!:-)

  4. sylvied

    Belinda I am going to try to get hold of some posters I can send you a spare one if I get some just let me know, shame about Figueira da Foz festival any chance to make this event come back?! there must be someone prepared to run it!

  5. Belinha

    Hello Sylvie! I would like that!Or even maybe if they made some small folder with it-Figueira da Foz Festival has some folders where we kept the films synopse and stuff!I would love to have it!They are so beautifull.They look good even to display on the wall of our houses…if they ar enot too big as muy house is very small!;-)
    I don’t think that it is possible to re-start it.First because local City Hall does not see the point.This festival showed independent and first movies most of all. Some important directors started showing movies here,Yourcenar was here,Angelopoulos, Oliveira, Pasolini, Duras, Robert Krammer, Chantal Ackerman,were here.It was not a comercial one so the City Hall never cared much for it and does not endorse it today.Then all cine clubists scattered,myseld included-they could be an important task force if the Festival should reborn.Four portuguese directors were born in this city and they can’t care less about it!! So it will be difficult to have it back.Plus Portugal is facing a lot of social trouble.Unemployment is rising.People don’t care much for cultural issues when is difficult to pay for fuel,electricity, water,food…:-(Many portuguese are living the country as it happened years before I was born.Sometimes I also think of going some where!!!Eeheh!And that’s it!Who cares about a film festival?!

  6. sylvied

    Ok Belinda I see what I can get my paws on πŸ™‚ Thank you for your insight of this part of Portugal, I can see that a film festival is pretty unimportant and rightly so given the circumstances, a shame all the same πŸ™ My sister in law is Portuguese her family came to France when she was 10 years old I think and they go back to visit her family every summer, my brother would love to make the move there but all the reasons you stated here are one of the many reasons they are staying in Paris. Your book should be coming over soon btw I sent it out Thursday πŸ™‚ x

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