Spring is here

The last few days have been miserable here in La Rochelle, a far cry from February on the beach! After ruling out a few options ( turn myself into a human Kite on the beach or go for a muddy walk in the forest). I grabbed my camera and keys and wandered in the local parc (called Parc Charruyer) to catch a bit of colour and magic. It worked , I feel positive and ready for the week ahead, well sort of…


  1. I love spring bulbs. we can buy all these as cut flowers in sydney but I never have much luck growing them myself even if I put the bulbs in the fridge for a while first. it just doesn’t get cold enough I guess.

    though the “Blue Mountains” are only an hour or so away and the gardens there have beautiful cool weather plantings

    one of the few things I miss about New Zealand….

  2. Having just returned from the delights of sunny Surfugal to wet, windy and grey Blighty, I know how you feel.
    Having been on Kevins’ chest as well now, I, unfortunately know how he feels as well.

  3. Nursemyra: You put bulbs in the fridge? there is a whole new world I need to explore Nursemyra:)
    btw…my cousin is currently traveling in New Zealand and has grown a bird…is that normal?
    DaddyP: ah…you are back in UK? I am sorry:P

  4. Our bulbs aren’t showing yet here in Ontario, Canada…still too cold 🙁

    Nursemyra, one of the things I miss most about Sydney is the warm fragrant Jasmine on hot summer nights, and the wild Bird of Paradise. There was a golf course across the street from us when I lived in West Pennant Hills that had so much Jasmine, you could smell it all around our garden. Mmmm….

  5. What a lovely image, so happy and colourful.
    I noticed some of my dwarf daffodils have ventured out, they are so cute only about 3 inches tall. But no other bulbs yet !!

  6. Christy: flowers are simply magical 🙂
    70: it was such a grey day, the colours of these flowers stood out even more!

  7. putting bulbs in the fridge before planting is called “forcing”. it mimics winter conditions for the hardier plants that prefer cold weather. most gardeners in sydney would refrigerate bulbs before planting out. that’s why there are always lots of warnings in gardening magazines about which ones are poisonous – there have been cases of people eating their hyacinths by mistake…..

    christy, the plethora of jasmine that flowers in a sydney summer is definitely one of the most delightful things. plus the smell of frangipani in the air.

    sylvie – grown a ‘bird’ ?????

  8. nursemyra: hehe…yep…another famous lost in translation from Sylvied moment! 🙂 BEARD!!!! I meant Beard! lol!!! Thank you for the added info re fridge gardening I truly had no idea…

  9. It’s the first day of spring today and here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania it was a freezing cold and blustery day! But on the bright side…the sun was out for the first time in days and our daffodil, crocus, and tulip bulbs are all peeking out! I’m sure warm days are just around the corner!

  10. Nichole: Hi 🙂 we have to keep thinking warmer days are ahead, that’s the only way! It is very blustery here today too…

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