How do you feel today?

This sums up  how I feel inside..In fact just looking at it makes me laugh and gives me that little needed distance between my frustrations and what the problem really is….

Things are frustrating over at Fuel with a site not running as smooth as it should. I take it way too personally and when it does not work and there is nothing I physically can do about it I feel like that boy….

Of course a team of specially trained geniuses are onto it so I will just have to wait till it passes, I wonder what that boy would do next?

There is so much sulking one can do…

To our users …do bear with us and accept our apologies.


  1. No …….. I think it’s a disgrace …….. I didn’t pay good money …… hang on …………. I didn’t have to pay you anything did I? ….. carry on …….. take no notice ……. where’s the delete button? ……. oh poo

  2. OMG I am amazed by DP’s reaction… chocolate and Johnny D a perfect combo.. plus he didn’t mention oysters 🙂

    he must have a temperature!

  3. Johnny D doesn’t do a thing for me … but if anyone has a side order of Marion Cotillard, I can probably find a use for that chocolate 😀

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