The last Klapisch Paris is out in the cinemas I went to see it last night. I was really looking forward to it, I have been a big fan of Klapich over the years. For a reason or another his films always seem to hit home somewhere and talk to me. The story line evolves around interesting characters the Klapisch way. A very good mix of cringing, admirable, quirky and everyday people. There is always a character one can identify with. Questions and answers to life that we all come to ask ourselves at some stage.

A lot of the film was filmed in Belleville and the 20th arrondissement of Paris which was an added bonus as I kept thinking…”Oh that’s the Chinese I walked passed every day for 5 years or I had a cafe in that very same place “


  1. 70: I am sure it will come to UK with subs 😉
    Baby: Yes Mr Kevin speaks french with the best British accent 😉
    trey trey bienn 🙂

  2. hahaha… i thought so! aah, maybe for the next BlogTV, he can say something in French??!

    are we still with the theme, dressing up as aunt edna’s? that’ll be great with him speaking french in the outfit of aunt edna! *giggles*

    dont worry! i wont spot any weird-ness, as i dont speak french at all! all will seems to be purrrfect to me! 🙂

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