La Rochelle

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson



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  1. Daddypapersurfer

    That reminds me ……… is FMB ever going to buy me a yacht? I could then sail to La Rochelle and take you out for a spin ….. the advantages would be endless.
    Now, tell me about the tidal range there, particularly springs not neaps. This is vital information for when I take you away from all that.

  2. sylvied

    Princesse: when are you coming back for a visit Pe?
    70: can’t wait to see your chapter on La Rochelle 🙂
    DP: I talked things through with Kevin and no we don’t think we will give you the Yacht just yet. La Rochelle is a quiet town you know!

  3. sylvied

    Thanks Ghosty, it is a very lovely place
    effortlesswealth: Glad it brought some memories back;-)
    Come back any time, I always post pictures of La Rochelle 🙂

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