Rue Bazoges


One of my favorite street of La Rochelle.

foxy friend

foxy friend

Rue Bazoges

it’s a secret…

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  1. sylvied

    Thanks Jeremy for your visit and kind words 😉
    tnb: these streets scream passion and secrets!
    Catalina: ahahaha…now there is a surprise!

  2. sylvied

    Daddy P: Are you offering to be my editor?, is La Rochelle worth a visit? hum yes! if you like it french and boats that is…let us know when you do come we will make sure we are not there 😛
    Nurse: they are but the resolution looks awful on my screen, is it the same where you are?

  3. sylvied

    Ryan: I dream of your country, there is something about the freshness of the place that translates in people’s attitudes to life.
    DP: I was just kidding btw, if you come to La Rochelle, we will receive you and Lo,tg like kings and queens!

  4. 70steen

    La Rochelle is lovely, it is the first place I visited outside the UK …… it is coming up in 70s in August.
    I love France and I can see me living there in few years time 😉
    fab photos as ever Sylvie

  5. shinade

    Oh Sylvie I am sure that your life is plagued with many of things that all of us deal with daily. Family, Business, Bills to pay, etc….

    But, oh my to be doing so in France…must simply be wonderful.

    I hope someday in this lifetie to visit France. It has always been a dream of mine.

  6. sylvied

    70: can’t wait for August edition of 70steen!
    Shinade: Thank you for the linky love, yes France is beautiful, I try not to take it for granted 😉
    Daddy P: did I? that’s an achievement for me then!
    Earl Grey….you are so English! I love the wife lady grey, my favorite!

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