Le Renard et l’Enfant

I had promised the children we would go to the cinema during the school holidays to see Le Renard et l’Enfant. I was immediately attracted by the poster before it came out.

Every sequence looked like a picture, a beautiful mix of nature, fantasy, childhood and dreams…

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Sandra Reichardt

Sandra Reichardt

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  1. shinade

    Oh what a simply lovely poster. I only get to see these lovely children’s films when the grandchildren are here. But, of course, the last one I saw wasn’t nearly this refined. Our last cultural outing to see a children’s show was cars. Which proves that rednecks really do live even in New England. have a great day Sylvie.

  2. misterwoppit

    I like the film poster. But did you notice that the fox is wearing a purple hoodie? That’s just typical of wildlife these days. And the kid has a very hairy back. Perhaps its a hormonal dysfunction. Such social issues and physiological embarassments are what good films are made of.

  3. sylvied

    70: I think I will continue going to see films aimed at children even when the kids have left. In fact they were lots of adults in the cinema 😉
    Shinade: it is lovely to see you back!
    misterwoppit: I was beginning to worry about you, not a sight of you over these festivities…you see things I can’t, missed you!

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