When I was younger I used to spend ages cutting and putting images together. I have always been fascinated by images and colours. Life does not allow me to paint at the moment so I take my revenge on the camera and seem to take pictures at any opportunities!


A lesson from a wise man


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  1. 70steen

    collages whether via the PC or with good old scissors and glue are the best way to put together images/ideas and most of all textures.. which you have captured beautifully here with the sky, fabric & rocky beach πŸ™‚

  2. eva Hennessy

    hi, i got your comment on my blog and now i am checking out yours. id love to email you and quiz you about what you are doing in la rochelle and where you’re located if you’re interested. thanks, eva

  3. sylvied

    Eva and and Catalina I would most definately meet you two for a coffee, after all we are neighbours aren’t we?
    Monsieur Woppit: C’est bleu!!!!!!repete apres moi:
    Nursemyra: Merci beaucoup! j’espere aussi!
    Ghosty: trust me it is a lot easier and less mess to use the digital wonder than it is to get the paint out! but I should really not compare the two!
    70steen: Glad you like it….waiting for your picture on flickr!
    Baby: you are standing up! you must be feeling better!

  4. baby

    sylvie, yup! πŸ˜‰

    standing up for this beautiiiifuuuulllll piece of art! but just for a while.. everything is fine, just that the sneezing thingy, annoys me completely!

    but hey, no problem! i will starts on twirling back again! next week off to paris! yayy! πŸ˜‰

  5. jodi

    Very nice, Sylvie. I went to fuelmyblog to register and hopefully that will be confirmed soon. I may have to give up sleeping so that I can simply read online all day long…;-)

  6. fracas

    Hi Sylvie.. lovely collage. I came here because I can’t get my fuelroll to display properly. Knowing you use a Wp blog too, I thought Id see if yours was wonky today. Your collage was a lovely way to be greeted when frustrated, so thanks!

    Anyway. I first took the roll off the sidebar ’cause I couldn’t figure out why it’s like it is, but then put it back so you could see what it’s doing. I don’t know why. I copy/pasted the code according to the instructions, and the size of it isn’t too big for the size of my sidebar in the theme I use, so I have no clue.

    If you have a clue… would you post over there and let me know what you think?


  7. Livy

    Sorry I am a little off topic here, I would just like to remind you to email us your shipping address as well as your size for your SnorgTee-shirt. ( you were one of the 100 blogs most voted for the month of october.)

    many thanks

    Could you give me the email to send it to?
    Thank you,

  8. fracas

    Hi Sylvie. I’ve learned since I posted the other comment, that the theme I use has a glitch that makes the fuelroll not display. I’ve placed it in a post for now and will switch themes since I can’t fix this to accomodate the fuelroll. I thought you should know in case you or Kevin get other comments from users who have similar troubles.

    Whether at WordPress or not, others might have the same trouble as mine. I’ll be taking it off the sidebar since it looks goofy and it makes the sidebar stretch really long… but I’ll save a screen capture in case you or Kevin want to see what happened. The theme I was using was Blix. You could also log in to your dashboard here and use the trial feature to preview your own blog in the Blix theme, and you’ll see what happens to the fuelroll. Your blog won’t change themes just because you try another unless you click “activate theme”.

    Hope that helps.

  9. sylvied

    Baby welcome back πŸ˜‰
    Misterwoppit: ah c’est mieux, not a sheep in sight!
    Shinade: Thank you πŸ˜‰
    Jodi: Welcome to Fuel…that’s how it feels sometimes!
    Fracas: Sorry you are having problems with it, WordPress have a sample of templates that won’t allow a certain type of widget. We will try to get that sorted, kevin is currently in talk with Matt and we should be able to sort this out!
    Christina: Collage are addictive!

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