Blogging has become an important part in my life, I enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading or painting. I find it has a very soothing and sometime even therapeutic effect on me.

Whenever I finish a post I have a great sense of achievement, I dislike watching tv, I find it unstimulating so instead I choose to write or read blogs.

What has surprised me is my friends and family reaction. It is as if I had developped a disturbing fetish that nobody likes to talk about: “She blogs…I don’t know how she has the time to do it..isn’t it weird this blogging obssession?”

I can hear it out loud…they think I am sad and should get a life basically!

I don’t think many of my friends bother to read my blog which in itself really is not a problem. Amazingly I have picked up quite a few friends on my blogging journey, people whose blog I visit regularly, individuals that have made me laugh, think, cry and with whom I would have no problem meeting and have a drink.


  1. hey Sylvie be comforted that you are not alone. I was introduced to blogging by Bill B et al. I had no idea what this was all about. I don’t do telly very much just the odd thing that takes my fancy, I read a lot and chat to mates on the phone and have a very busy working life (visit blogland when I need time out from there, my thinking time, very soothing, although BB may disagree) . Many of my mates when I tell them about ‘here’ the reaction is the same as you describe ‘get a life’…lets face it S where would you meet the likes of DP in everyday life? hee hee
    Carry on Blogging it is a wealth of emotion 🙂

  2. I started blogging because I wanted an outlet for my emotions at the time … now I do it for therapy, yes, but I also like having an audience for my thoughts as well. Get a life indeed .. watching TV like the rest of the boobs? No way. 🙂

  3. You write a blog!!?!! You must give me the address. I feel I have to warn you – there are some VERY odd people out there – mainly living ‘up Norff’…. and in Portugal ….. and Canada …. and France … and Oz ….. and America…let me simplify this – the nicest, most lovely and charming bloggers live in SE England and adore being bought drinks.

  4. Hi Sarah, How would I ever have come across an inhabitant of La Rochelle if I had not made contact with Kim in Austraia via Deborah in Canada …. through blogging. I did not fully appreciate the appeal until I had been blogging for a while and gained enough confidence to leave messages like this 🙂 Blogging widens our horizons and allows us to meet those of like mind and interests. How wonderful is that.

  5. Oh I am relieved to see all of you smart people get it!!!Of course I already knew you would !!!

    Thank you!

  6. i had that too when peeps know that i started blogging. i think blogging is the best way to express how you feel like, as you said, the happy, sad, wobbly feelings and all sorts of feeling. me myself, i feel soothed when i write and peeps giving comments and advices. its overwhelming. like theres somebody out there who actually appreciate you and your feelings, without having to insult you in any way. cheer up! dont have to worry! i guess all of u are in the same boat! yayyy to all of us, the bloggers! 😉

  7. Blogging does stimulate the language center of the brain. If you think that it will help slow down your Alzheimer’s, then go for it! Blogging may be conducive to stimulating the cerebral cortex.

    Fabiola Castillo

  8. I love the friends I’ve made here.
    You are one of them, Sylvie.
    I’m up for that drink when you are, darling!!

    Red wine, of course…
    Here’s to friendship!

  9. I agree – it’s not something most of my family “get.” I’ve been on-line for years, though, so they are resigned to it. I feel badly for them, though – they miss that intimate connection to the wider world that blogging gives you!

  10. I wrote about this. I called it blog snobbery. I don’t understand why non-bloggers feel the time they spend on non-blog hobbies (like golf for example) is more honorable than the time we spend on this.

    It’s snobbery.

    They don’t understand. Pity them.

  11. Wow, can I ever relate! Being a blogger/vlogger and paper diarist, I too get a lot of flack for it. And like you, I do not watch television.

    My friends and family have called me crazy, insane, a hermit, anti-social, and the list goes on. But also like you, I have made a slew of friends via my blogging efforts; especially on youtube.

    So three cheers for all of the crazy bloggers out there in webland. I for one don’t plan to stop any time soon!



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