Today I had a strange experience while walking home. I walked over the grid of a car park and was hit by a familiar smell. It was not an unpleasant smell, a mix of rubber, ventilation and old sweaty walls. That smell that I am sure goes unoticed by everybody else sent me straight back to my childhood.

Suddenly I was not this 30 something woman hurrying home with a bag of shopping on one side and a list of “to do” things on the other hand.

I was a 7 year old with gruby hands, frazzled hair and gaping smile. I was entering the bike shed belonging to our flat…it was dark and musty but exciting always as it meant we were heading to the Buttes Chaumont with my mum and brother.

It meant carefree, casual happiness…

Crossing the zebra I thought about that child I once was and wanted to start hopping…


  1. I’ve had that experience before, except I couldn’t place the odor. I’d try and remember … but it doesn’t come to me. It’s happened more than once … really annoying. :/

  2. I have just written about a such the same moment at the Natural History Museum… it is such a powerful magical memory when this happens, one that you least expect.. but comes with a smile 🙂

  3. Ghosty: I find quite spooky!
    70Steen: Yes totally when it is a good one!
    DP: Sly…goes rather well in association terms…tell us more!

  4. I am having problems with this template…I don’t think WordPress and Technorati like each others…techno boffin…I will have heard it all from you 😉

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