How do you like yours?

This morning being Wednesday….and wednesday being great market day…I went out fully equiped with my basket and hungry stomach dictating every single move . Every trip to the market is pure delight, I know I keep going on about it but it is!

It could be that 12 years spent shopping in Tesco took its toll on me but when I am in that market I can’t help but smile!

I had my eyes on melons today. 3 for 5 euros…skin exploding…screaming at me…”eat me! eat me today!”

The proud melon owner winked at me: So how many would you like?

“All 3… one for today , tomorrow and the day after…go ahead and choose them for me I can never tell…I would rather leave it to the expert !”

And this took some time believe me!

She first held, smelt, pulled the tips and eventually took out her pencil and marked every single one in the right order of eating!

I ate number one today…so good!

I love the passion and dedication of these people! As for me I shall be there next week,while these little babes are still in season I will not miss a treat!


  1. Wednesday is always a weird one. Years ago I visited (in my normal day job that pays the bills) a Chinese gentleman on a Wedneday. I asked him why he shut up his shop on a Wednesday? He replied ‘It is ‘hump day’… I asked (in all innocence) ‘Humpday?’ his reply was ‘it is the middle of the week and I spend the day with just me and the wife!!’….. I didn’t ask anymore questions. So Sylvie you are blessed to have such a different meaning/being for a Wednesday… maybe I missed the fact that Wednesday is a succulent day for all produce 😉

  2. AHEM – I was going to leave a comment that would have brightened your day and probably explained the meaning of life but …………..I’ll just say …….. no I won’t even say that.

  3. DP: well that’s a shame…I always like to hear what you have to say!
    Christina: I have never been to an American market, what is it like?

  4. First of all, bon apetit!

    It’s incredible how passionate some people can be about their work, even if they aren’t working in some important field.

    It’s unsignificant gestures like that one that have the power to make one’s day.

    Succulent post… mmm, melons… :}

  5. Forget whatever day it is! La Rochelle is a cool place on any day. We visited some years ago whilst camping at Marrenne (is that how you spell it?…perhaps it’s one R).
    Anyway nice to see you dropping by my blog, I think life in La Rochelle certainly has more vavavoom than my damp northern notes!

  6. armannd: oui merci…melon number two was even tastier!
    Crofty: maybe Crofty but northerners are the warmest
    I have ever met in UK! thanks for coming back to say hello 🙂

  7. OK then – I was just going to say I had my eye on some melons today as well – except now it was yesterday and the moment has gone – oh well….

  8. Have you ever considered a marketing career? 🙂 Your post has managed to make me want to eat melon.

    Today I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer and I rushed to the market and bought four melons. I’ve already eaten two of them (they were kinda small, but sweet). 😀

  9. I will mention this to the melon lady next time I see her!…the start of a new career 😉

  10. hi there… 🙂
    the blog entry for the melons, is so yummy-prepared! i love the way you write and your expression on words. love ’em!
    since you stepped in my site the other day, i got the chance to actually know you thru the blog you in. thanks for stopping by, and keep on writing. love your blog! take care. 🙂

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