All I wanted was a dozen Sardines…



One of the best things about La Rochelle is the market! Not only for the food but for the sheer amount of characters that you get to talk to. Going to the market is a lot more than buying food for the week-end. When you are queuing you will find yourself involved with a variety of topics ranging from suppositories or les hemorrhoids de Bertrand…you are that close to people that you feel rude not to get amongst it all! It is great you’re buying your grapes and minding your own business and the lady behind you is discussing hemorrhoids…I become almost paranoid! Sorry I am totally off track here, back to my sardines!

So I was entering the fish mall when I felt under the spelt of a lady fish monger… She is blonde, painted over eyebrows and a mouth full of stories. Remember my lovely inquisitive 8 years old? He is there too. She throws in my sardines a couple of freebies for “le drole” and explains that “drole” in Charente means child but she quickly points out that in South Of France it means “pute” and laughes out loud from deep inside her throat…
I am laughing of course but suddenly remember him….big eyes, big ears aerials fully extended

“C’ est quoi une pute?”


  1. hahaha!!! Et qu’est ce que tu as dit en reponse?!


  2. …and if they’re anything the ones I saw on my recent visit to La Rochelle market, I am sure they tasted wonderful – what a place !!

    Roger & Linda

  3. bonjour Sylvie
    such large sardines!!!!!
    marvellous photo…
    I like the tiny ones from the can…lol

  4. Hi there!
    Am portuguese and I love our fresh sardines! You should visit Portugal and try it! lol
    Just wanted to say that I was in La Rochelle looooong time ago (maybe 18 years ago), and I loved it so much!

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