Meme pas mal…

I call them my Cinderella’s shoes although what I went through wearing them has nothing of a fairy tale…
On Easter Sunday we were invited to my aunt for a meal. I bought those shoes a little while back and never really had a chance to wear them. So sunday was the perfect day.

1- I am a guest of a highly important Easter meal
2- My aunt celebrated her 50′
3-Really wanted to be feminine : I normally walk around in ungracious crocks or flip-flops
4-We drove there so the journey from the drive to my aunt front door seemed like a reasonable one…
5-There is no 5

We all got on well. Spent 3 hours at the table. Had a coffee. Everyone patted their stomachs and agreed that a walk along the Charente would be a good idea…I looked down and there they were my two shiny exquisite shoes….well that ‘s a challenge. I love walking so decided to pretend I had walkers on and that it will all be ok.

I love my aunt, she has just turned 50 and I think she secretly decided to put me to the test and enjoyed watching my silent pain… suddenly they turned red raw and felt like gigantic saucissons trapped in a net. The walk went on and on and on:
“Let’s go round the lake”
“Let’s go along the Charente” “c’est tellement beau!”
“Over there, there is a passage that takes you straight to…”

Straight to hell!!! There are big rocks to climb on!!!

Dignity was the word of the day for me. I was in a lot of pain but took it as a woman! “coquette” that was one big mistake!


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