what a busy day I had…

I knew today would be a busy one when I started looking through my window…

I first woke to see flowers spelling I love you, I then looked through my kitchen patio door and saw a bird.

On my way to work, I stopped to stare at a group of bears, I also had a nice chat with a gorilla.

I decided to pick up my lunch at the Greenary Mall in Mumbai. I worked on my computer overlooking Monument Square in Indianapolis.

On the way back I watched 5000 acres burn then had a bit of a set back when my car hit a tramway in Helsinki, this meant I had to take the bus down Congress Street in Boston. I decided to take a flight home to London. I finally got home to find my two year old ready to jump off the window. When I thought to myself I can finally relax for dinner, a Zebra winked at me….

If you are wondering what all this is about take a look at our photo competition, you will have a glimpse at the wonderful world we live in…


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