Blair Witch Project

Today we decided to go for a walk in a forest…I said we but should say the kids and kevin.My walks in the forest have never been the same after watching the film…I can’t help myself! noises first…creeping creatures under the leaves…the darkness of the forest even on a bright day!!! I also lose all sense of orientation and keep thinking that we will get lost.
Of course I keep all these happy thoughts to myself and try to distract myself by taking pictures
of my surroundings like this one:


  1. Oh lala, c’est laid, c’est froid…ouhhhhhhhhhhh why???
    pas de chance…il y a et pourtant des bois qui sont jolis et surtout agéable meme en hiver quand meme !!! Ma foi, courgae Sylvie, je suis avec toi…Vous étiez où exactement? Dès qu’il fait beau on va tous ensemble en pique nique sur l’Ile d’Aix ou Oléron…

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